Sheet Music For You And Your Harp

You will find the best sheet music for you and your harp right here.  There will be music for anyone.  Written or arranged by a harpist, for all of you harpists.  Professional or beginner.  There will be music with ensemble, or just for harp solo.


And are you looking for something, but can not find it?  Just drop us an email, we'll be happy to help you out.

Oblivion - Astor Piazzolla

Harp Sheet Music

This passionate and well known 'classic' by Astor Piazzolla is now available for lever harp in an adaptation by Dieter Dewilde.


Fingerings and lever changes are included.  No need to decypher before you can start to play.

10 Irish Folk Songs...  You couldn't seperate the harp from Ireland...  Here are 10 nice Celtic melodies, arranged for harp. Level: beginner to intermediate.  Includes fingerings and brackets so anyone can learn the music correctly.


Buy the complete book for € 7.70 instead of € 9.90.  Or you can buy the songs seperately.  


Click HERE for some excerpts...

Harp Sheet Music

The Fisherman Suite was my very first harp sheet music that was published.  5 melodic pieces.  Ever since I published it students have loved it.  So I am very pleased and proud of it...


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