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Original harp sheet music by Dieter Dewilde

The Fisherman Suite

The Fisherman Suite was written by Dieter Dewilde back in 1996.  Originally it was composed for a school project.  Since then this pieces op original harp music have been used and played with great joy by many young harpists.


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The Fisherman

The first song in The Finsherman Suite.  Composed for a school project in 1996, where Dieter played it on his first self made bardic harp.


The Water

The Water is a calm, and kind of minimalistic flowing piece of music.  With consistent technical aspects (like avery piece in this suite).  It represents the never ending gently flowing water.

The Fish

The Fish is a sprakeling piece of music.  A little bit funny, rhytmic and a delight to play for many students.  It uses the same intervals and patterns as The Water.  Thus refering to the natural habitat of the fish.

The Catch

The Catch has more rhythm and accents than the other pieces.  Suggesting the combat and struggle of the catch.


The Meal

Joyful piece of music.

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