Who we are?

Dieter Dewilde, founder

Founder of Harp Sheet Music Online is Dieter Dewilde.  Harpist, composer, harp technician, harp builder and more.  People call him 'Harpman'...


He played harp since the age of 9.  His talent was soon discovered, and as a result he played both as a soloist as well is a member of many orchestras.  He studied with Susanna Mildonian at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, and with Arielle Valibouse in Ghent.  Further more he participated in masterclasses with Isabelle Moretti, Erika Waardenburg and David Watkins.


As a passionate harp teacher Dieter started several harp classes, and teaches now more than 40 students every week.


Since a very young age Dieter composed his own songs, and encouraged by his first teacher, has kept doing so.  Several book with original harp music and arrangements are available in print since 2003.  Many students and teachers have been delited with his  music ever since.



The birth of Harp Sheet Music Online

For the past 10 years Dieter refined his knowledge of the harp. He even designed his own methode for learning the harp, the different techniques, and fingerings.


Now, ten years later, (and after some troubles with the editor) Harp Sheet Music Online is born. The place where you can buy all his sheet music and arrangements for the harp, online. And the best part: since we live in the digital era, it can be realy cheap. More over, if you share the message with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, you'll be getting an extra 10% discount on your purchase. Any sheet music is delivered automatically immediately after your simple payment. You dont even need to leave your home.


Excited? Browse through this website, and buy some wonderfull harp music for you and your beloved harp. And let us know what you think of it.


Right now, beginning of 2013, the selection of music will be rather small, but week after week it will be updated and will thus grow steadilly...


This website is intended to be more then a one way "sales channel". It is meant to be a help to every harpist or student trying to learn to play the harp. So if you have any question, feel free to send an email. We'll be more then happy to answer...

Do you have a suggestion for the arrangement of a particular piece? Let us know!


Good luck, and happy harping!

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